The skill or the will…

I read an interesting article recently from the Wall Street Journal. ‘You’re Next Boss Might Be More of a Coach Than a Dictator”.

Well, of course, I am not sure a lot of modern thinking leaders today would still be classed as dictators, although I am sure we can all still highlight more than a few with these traits, but the article is certainly in line with conversations we have been having for some time with HR Directors, CEOs COOs and CCOs who are thinking and talking more about their future leaders and asking what might be missing…

They may have the skill, but do they have the will?

Resilience, Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence (EQ and SQ) may have always been on the business agenda, but in recent months and years with the emotional health and wellbeing of our colleagues becoming increasingly prominent in our ongoing strategy and priorities more businesses are looking at their talent acquisition and development strategies to highlight and select for higher levels of EQ SQ and resilience.

The SkillWill Matrix is not new and was made popular in “The Tao of coaching” by Max Landsberg, it is used to determine what the best leadership approach is for a given team member, based on two metrics: their level of Skill and their level of Will

Skill relates to capability and experience, Will relates to motivation.

If you are looking for a way to understand the ‘Will’ in your current and or new leadership and executive team members, or get a copy of a free sample report, just drop me a note and I will get one to you. Email: Our tools help you recruit Right and Develop Well.

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