Basketball, Burgers and Resilient Leadership.

Resilience and resilient leadership.

In the last few weeks I have watched both The Last Dance on Netflix and The Founder on Amazon.

Basketball and Burgers, two seemingly unrelated subjects, neither of which I am particularly keen on, yet I found both riveting.

The Last Dance, for those of you have not seen it is centred around the Chicago Bulls and the team in 1997, Michael Jordan and the team allowed a film crew to follow them as they went for their sixth NBA title in eight seasons. 

The Founder, tells the story of a salesman Ray Kroc, who meets the owners of McDonald’s a burger joint, realises the potential and makes it into the biggest restaurant business in the world.

The Last Dance was slow to start and I think for some, I am late to the party here but wow, Michael Jordan, what an amazing, inspirational individual….his resilience, determination, passion, his angst, emotions, drive, motivation and leadership were inspiring to watch. But not just him, his coach, the people around him, the team dynamics, the honesty and of course the hard fought success they achieved. Michael Jordan is no doubt the greatest basketball player but without his team, he would not have achieved the success he did.

Ray Kroc was it seems a totally different character altogether, yet once again, his determination, relentless focus and will made him one of the most successful businessmen in the world. Again he did not achieve what he did alone, someone else created the ideas, the process, Fred L. Turner and Harry J. Sonneborn to name just two.

What about you and your leadership team? There are a lot of conversations in board rooms across the UK and world at the moment as we think about the resilience of our leaders.

If you want to succeed in your career, as a leader you must have a great team, who you can lead, engage, motivate. But here’s the thing, building a top team is NOT easy. It takes time expertise and knowledge. If you get it wrong, it can cost you time money and in some cases your JOB.

As we look to the future and refine our goals and expectations, do you have the best team to lead your business forwards, are you and they committed to the goals, targets and objectives, do they have the resilience to deliver the best results?

If you are interested to talk more about leadership, or if you are looking to hire the top tier leaders who will achieve your goals, your customer outcomes, saving you time and money, we can help. We have some great tools and technology available to help you recruit and develop more resilient leaders.

If you want to hire or develop more resilient leaders, schedule a call today. Schedule a no obligation 15 minute consult here. Tel: 01543 231072,

Michelle Ansell is a Managing Partner at Douglas Jackson, helping customer led leaders and HR Directors improve the success and retention of new hires, saving you time and money.

About Douglas Jackson Executive Search and Recruitment Consultants

Douglas Jackson are an Executive Search and Independent Recruitment Consultancy offering professional executive recruitment and managerial appointments on a permanent and fixed term contract basis. We work with customer and experience focussed organisations, who want to develop, or, improve their operation, sales, strategy, service, experience, or success. We recruit for Chief Customer Officer, Director, Head of Department, Manager and skilled strategists for; Customer Service, Customer Experience, Customer Contact, Resource Planning, Operations, Strategy, Insight, Analytics, Sales, Success, CRM, Data, Programmes, Transformation, Continuous Improvement, and Contact Centre. We work in partnership with our customers across the UK and internationally, many of whom are FTSE 100, blue-chip brands but also challenger, fintech and start-up organisations, to design, develop, deliver and manage your Customer strategy. Revolutionise your Recruitment and Retention of New Hires. Douglas Jackson Search takes the guesswork out of your hiring. Sourcing Exceptional Talent….Define your Customer Strategy. Lead your Operations. Design your Customer Experience. Direct your Digital and Customer Contact. Transform your functions. Develop your Customer Insight. Manage your Data/CRM, Deliver your Sales and Customer Success. Differentiate your business and brand.
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