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At Douglas Jackson, we are committed to keeping ourselves abreast with new and best industry practises, as well as brushing up on the more traditional ones. As a Senior Consultant within the business, and with over 8 years dedicated service, it was great to represent Douglas Jackson at the Retained Recruitment Academy in London last week. A lot of what was spoken about drew strong parallels with me, and the way in which I prefer to work – being solutions driven, driven by success, providing long term business benefit, being flexible, adaptable and innovative, and also taking ownership of oneself and one’s actions.

We discussed how the recruitment industry could improve – did you know that 30% of external hires are not in situ 12 months after starting? We can increase this to almost 100% for you! More than 96% of candidates who are sourced through DJ Search are still in post after 12 months. Please get in touch if you would like a demo on our digital search process and would like us to show you how you can minimise the risk of candidates leaving early, saving you time and money.

The Content Marketing Masterclass from Mark Whitby was very insightful. In our digital and technology driven world, we discussed memorable and meaningful ways to interact with our markets – via e-book, infographic, podcast, articles, whitepapers. We looked at ways to make our marketing strategies more slick and outcome driven.

We had the pleasure of seeing Billy Schwer, world boxing champion, and Billy gave us a motivational presentation representing his new career and business – Mental Boxing. This was all about taking ownership of yourself and your actions. If you want success, go and get it! Stopping putting barriers up in front of yourself preventing yourself from being the best you that you can be. Billy Schwer’s new book, ‘Man Up – The World Champion Way’ explains this in more detail.

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Recruitment hero and ‘Quarter Billion Dollar Man’, Mike Walmsley, was also with us for our event, and Mike talked through managing performance most effectively in a sales and recruitment environment. Did you know that the top performing Sales Managers also have the best coaching abilities? If you are anybody in recruitment, then you will know who Mike Walmsley is. A truly inspiring recruitment expert.

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To top off the day, we received a certificate, and I accepted it on behalf of Douglas Jackson, for our ‘professional and operational excellence to advancing the recruitment industry’. A nice touch and reward which essentially is directly attributed to the launch of DJ Search.

I have worked with some amazing award winning brands, as well as organisations who are looking to improve their customer, people and/or digital proposition. I have helped these organisations to source the very best talent, matched specifically to their businesses, and have given the benefit of my many years’ experience in our industry, in order to effectively and efficiently shape business areas and drive large scale change, and also drive cost efficiencies.

If you would like to speak with me about how I can save your business time and money, in sourcing the right senior Leaders for your business, you can contact me on:

Direct Dial: 01543 231072


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Hannah-Louise Cox is a Senior Recruitment Consultant at Douglas Jackson specialising in recruiting executive level and senior management appointments across operations, strategy, transformation, Customer Contact, Digital and Customer Experience.

Douglas Jackson are committed to innovation, and if you would like a demo on our digital recruitment process, which features video and behavioural profiling, as well as other innovative and helpful tools, then please get in touch!

You can watch the Douglas Jackson Search video here

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We help CEOs COOs, CCOs, HR Directors and Customer Led Leader to substantially improve the success and retention of their new hires. Saving your time and money. Helping you realise your goals, ambitions and aspirations. We help you make one of the most important decisions you will make…Who to hire… Who you hire, how they perform, how they make you, your employees and our customers feel is critical to your business and personal success. We help you take the guesswork our of hiring and work in partnership with you. A brand you can trust. A truly consultative approach. Dedicated to working in partnership to achieve the right outcome.
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