Competent Leaders are Key to Driving Business Growth

In recent weeks, some of TEAMDJ watched Horrible Bosses 2, not the best film in the world, (in our humble opinions).  Fortunately, we are not here to challenge Claudia Winkleman for the Film 2016 gig, but the subject of having a good or, bad boss, demonstrates just how important it is for both business and employees to have respected, competent leaders and managers, to drive and achieve business growth as well as to develop and retain your employees.

HB-12292 (L-r) JASON BATEMAN as Nick and KEVIN SPACEY as Dave Harken in New Line Cinema’s comedy “HORRIBLE BOSSES,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

(L-r) JASON BATEMAN as Nick and KEVIN SPACEY as Dave Harken in New Line Cinema’s comedy “HORRIBLE BOSSES,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Earlier in the year, a report from a Gallup Study featured in, showed that over ‘half of those surveyed had quit their job because of a bad boss’  with more here from the Wall St Journal in ‘what do workers want from their boss’

There is also research carried out by McCrindle, an award-winning social researcher, which showed that the Biggest Impact on Business Growth, or, Decline is Leadership and Management at 38%.

Biggest Impact on Business Growth OR Decline is Leadership at 38%

Within these leaders ‘COMPETENCE’ was ranked as the highest priority.

With candidate shortages reaching all-time highs and set to continue, it has never been more important to hire the right Leaders and Managers to help develop, support, lead and manage your Customer Strategy.

Here at Douglas Jackson we like to try to offer our customers (clients and candidates) a bit more than just Recruitment Consultancy.

In addition to helping many organisations source and hire talented individuals and supporting talented, professional, experienced individuals to make a their next career move across the Customer Contact industry.  We also work with many industry bodies, subject matter experts and organisations to help promote best practice and share this with our growing audience and network of valued contacts.

As part of this ongoing commitment we are proud to announce that in partnership with the CCMA, we are able to offer any candidate placed by ourselves a free individual personal annual membership with The Call Centre Management Association.  Personal membership includes the opportunity to participate in up to 12 good practice member events a year and attend the UK National Contact Centre Conference at no cost.


The CCMA are the longest established association representing the call centre industry in the UK. They offer impartial advice, providing specialist knowledge and training, which supports their members to keep in touch with the constant change across the customer contact industry and have access to their vast professional network, who openly share best practice. For more information visit their website at

We very much hope that through this association and opportunity, we will be able to further help our Customers (Clients and Candidates) to hire, develop and retain, highly competent leaders and managers, who will be able to realise individual, personal, growth and achieve that competitive business advantage.

If you are looking to recruit, or searching for your next move, give one of the team a call and see what we can do to help support you.

Tel: 0345 620 9720, email: visit us at

About Douglas Jackson Executive Search and Recruitment Consultants

We help CEOs COOs, CCOs, HR Directors and Customer Led Leader to substantially improve the success and retention of their new hires. Saving your time and money. Helping you realise your goals, ambitions and aspirations. We help you make one of the most important decisions you will make…Who to hire… Who you hire, how they perform, how they make you, your employees and our customers feel is critical to your business and personal success. We help you take the guesswork our of hiring and work in partnership with you. A brand you can trust. A truly consultative approach. Dedicated to working in partnership to achieve the right outcome.
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