Our Greatest Team

What a few weeks!  Here at DJHQ, we have been blown away by what has been a truly fantastic London 2012 Olympic experience, it has been emotional, inspiring and helped make us feel even more proud to be British.

Well done TEAM GB!!

For those of you who have been following TeamGB on Twitter, you will have seen the use of the hashtag #OurGreatestTeam, this got us to thinking about the fact that at every given moment, in each team, department and company, we are all fielding our very own greatest teams.

Some of TeamDJ were lucky enough to attend some of the Olympic events and it was not just the athletes, but every single person involved, both in front and behind the scenes, who really made what was a truly epic and fantastic experience.

This is also true in day to day life, where every person or individual contribution counts for something and can make a difference in how you and your team are perceived and what you can all go on to achieve.

So as the Olympic fever fades and back to normal days and evenings return, each of us can reflect on the individual and team performances that go into making a truly great performance.  If, like all of us here at Douglas Jackson, you may not quite be a future Olympian with sights firmly set on Rio 2016 (unless of course there is a new hiring category, when we will definitely be there!), the last few weeks have certainly shown us that we all have the ability to achieve our personal best and make our own victorious moments.  Setting goals, having a vision and belief, coupled with the effort and hard work required to inspire and play your part in a positive can do culture, will see that each of us can help make our very own Greatest Teams!.

Were you inspired by the Olympics as we were?  We would love to hear your stories, or see your pictures from the events, or if you would like to share your greatest team stories, do get in touch.

You can email us at: mail@douglas-jackson.com or Tel: 0845 6209720

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Douglas Jackson are an Executive Search and Independent Recruitment Consultancy offering professional executive recruitment and managerial appointments on a permanent and fixed term contract basis. We work with customer and experience focussed organisations, who want to develop, or, improve their operation, sales, strategy, service, experience, or success. We recruit for Chief Customer Officer, Director, Head of Department, Manager and skilled strategists for; Customer Service, Customer Experience, Customer Contact, Resource Planning, Operations, Strategy, Insight, Analytics, Sales, Success, CRM, Data, Programmes, Transformation, Continuous Improvement, and Contact Centre. We work in partnership with our customers across the UK and internationally, many of whom are FTSE 100, blue-chip brands but also challenger, fintech and start-up organisations, to design, develop, deliver and manage your Customer strategy. Revolutionise your Recruitment and Retention of New Hires. Douglas Jackson Search takes the guesswork out of your hiring. Sourcing Exceptional Talent….Define your Customer Strategy. Lead your Operations. Design your Customer Experience. Direct your Digital and Customer Contact. Transform your functions. Develop your Customer Insight. Manage your Data/CRM, Deliver your Sales and Customer Success. Differentiate your business and brand.
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